PureAir S Air Purification System

PureAir S Air Purification System

Sensing and communicating, and cleans the air in your home better than any other single system you can buy

The SLP98V uses Precise Comfort® technology to adjust fan speed, heat and airflow capacity in increments as small as 1% to maintain your home’s heat within a 0.5 degree of the designated temperature. AirFlex™ allows homeowners to choose their settings based around their schedule, climate and home design. The unique customization features that the SLP98V offers makes it the ideal furnace for busy homeowners.

Product Literature

Eligible for warranty: true
Qualifies for Tax Credit: false

Product Specs

Model Name: PureAir S Air Purification System

Model Number: PureAir S

Series: Dave Lennox Signature® Collection

Price: $$$$

Energy STAR Qualified:false

Energy STAR South Qualified: false

Warranty: 10-year limited warranty on covered components

Disclaimer: Not intended for actual hospital use. Based on Application Guidelines, Table 1, ASHRAE Application Handbook, 2011. When used properly with other best practices recommended by CDC and others, filtration can be part of a plan to reduce the potential for airborne transmission of COVID-19 indoors. Removal efficiency based on third party testing results using MS-2 bacteriophage (ATCC 15597-B1). Bacteria representative of virus-sized particles like SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. November 2020. Based on ozone removal testing conducted by third party testing results. May 2018. Based on competitive benchmarking of MERV 16 filters, Healthy Climate® filters have the lowest air flow restriction. Greater restriction of air flow creates a greater load on an HVAC unit’s fan motor, increasing energy consumption.Disclaimer: Based on laboratory and field studies.Disclaimer: PureAir™ S requires the iComfort® S30 and a communicating indoor unit.Disclaimer: One micron equals approximately 1/25,000 of an inch.Disclaimer: Ozone Generators that are Sold as Air Cleaners: An Assessment of Effective and Health Consequences, August 2006 Note: Due to Lennox’ ongoing commitment to quality, specifications and ratings are subject to change without notice.